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[enviroCar-discuss] enviroCar Newsletter 1/2015, May 6, 2015

enviroCar Newsletter ..... Issue 1/May 6, 2015

The enviroCar project (https://www.envirocar.org/) would like to take
this opportunity to announce the start of a quarterly enviroCar
Newsletter. We would like to use this platform to inform you of current
developments and activities.

If you do not wish to receive this newsletter, please respond by sending
a mail just containing the word ‘unsubscribe’.


Project News

1. Study Project HS Bochum: enviroCar Analysis Service
2. Study Project IfGI: enviroCar Processing Tools
3. Google Summer of Code 2015 projects related to enviroCar

enviroCar enroute - presentations

1. "enviroCar - Citizen Science for Sustainable Traffic" was presented
at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2015
(http://egu2015.eu/) in Vienna, Austria as part of  the session
"Citizen-empowered science and crowdsourcing in the geosciences”.

2. "Citizen Science in der Praxis – Die SenseBox und das enviroCar
Projekt" was part of a German workshop about Citizen Science and
environmental education. It took place at the German Federal
Environmental Foundation (https://www.dbu.de/550artikel35679_135.html).

3. "SenseBox & enviroCar - Citizen Science Projects in Geoinformatics"
was presented as an example of current citizen science projects at the
University of Münster in the workshop on Citizen Science - perspectives
in research, politics and society

Data Updates

1. Carsten Kessler from City University of New York (CUNY) has created a
nice visualization of the first track data collected in New York:

Best regards,

The enviroCar Team

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