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[enviroCar-discuss] Funding goal reached

Daniel Nüst
Dear friends of enviroCar,

congratulations to the whole team - yesterday we reached our funding
goal of 10.000 € an we now have the means to continue working on the
project. Thanks to everybody who put in hard work to make this happen.

Now let's look forward and prepare to open up to the external
contributors and pledgers. There are a lot of things in motion
(preparing final presentation of the study project, beta-phase for app
and website, ...) and reaching our funding goal ("yeah!" once more) is a
great opportunity to start using this new mailing list as a public venue
to discuss everything about enviroCar.

I look very much forward to advancing the project!

Best regards,

Daniel Nüst
52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH
Martin-Luther-King-Weg 24
48155 Münster, Germany
E-Mail: [hidden email]
Fon: +49-(0)-251–396371-36
Fax: +49-(0)-251–396371-11

Twitter: @FiveTwoN

General Managers: Dr. Albert Remke, Dr. Andreas Wytzisk
Local Court Muenster HRB 10849
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