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[enviroCar-discuss] Adding a new car and few other questions

When I first read about your project I was very thrilled since it's something I always thought of implementing and I must say your implementation of the idea is totally great. Since it's open-sourced, I thought I wanted to contribute a bit. My car is a Renault Kangoo dCi diesel and I wanted to write the diesel consumption support. Therefore I have a few questions to ask:

1) Is there a way to add the car to the car list? As far as I've understood, the car list is fetched from JSON or something and there's no way the userspace Android app may redefine it. Is it right? If so, how do I add a car?

2) From what I read in the relevant literature, the viable way to estimate ECU-controlled injection diesels is by analyzing 0x01 0x04 Engine Load PID. For the diesels, this value should be proportinal to the relation between the current fuel flow rate and the reference maximum fuel flow rate. The only problem, that this value is unitless and in order to produce real data one must calibrate their car. The usual recipe for that is to estimate the consumption between 2 full tank fuelings and thus devise the proportinality coefficent given the distance and average speed and rpm. I thought of a more accurate alternative if we could make the user fill the tank and run the enviroCar every time the engine is running until the next fueling with it systematically recording the engine load values. After that, the "area under curve" for the plot of the values recorded should be proportional to the fuel consumed and thus we can get the relation. Is it for me ok to add such a functionality to the program, I mean the engine-load based consumption calculator and 2 ways of estimating the proportionality coefficient.

3) In theory, there's a set of nonstandard PIDs for Renaults that I can use to obtain instand fuel consumption per stroke. I'm still struggling with obtaining this data via a simple python script, but there are success reports on the web. Ideally, it may be an even more accurate measure of consumption or at least one can use this data to estimate the relation between the engine load and consumption without having user to actually fill the car. But I'm not a law expert and I'm unsure if it's ok to publicaly use nonstandart PIDs in an opensource app. Could anybody comment?

Kind regards,
Oleksiy Protas
National University «Kyiv-Mohyla Academy»

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